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We are happy to showcase the creativity of the children whose schools/associations partner with Mission William

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In August 2023, Sao Tome kids discover their ocean in a great fashion

Zandile, the South African Black Mermaid and Africa’s first freediver female, came to Sao Tome with one objective is mind: to empower local kids to freedive and discover their ocean. 

Soon these kids will be on board our scientific boats around the island and dive with us.

Education is part of Mission William’s statement. This is about empowerment, ocean conservation, discovery and emotions.

The mythical flag of The Explorers Club NY for the first time ever in Sao Tome and Principe

In January 2024, Over the Swell welcomed pilots Georges Adam and Hubert Sagnières in Sao Tome and Principe.
An incredible first for both pilots and for the Explorers Club. Received at the Portuguese School of São Tome, the children were able to listen to Hubert Sagnières talk about this round-the-world trip which marks the centenary of the 1st round-the-world flight in 1924.
Georges and Hubert accompanied us on Mission William’s observation boat trips, above and below water in Porto Alegre and Principe for the protection of whale sharks.


carte générale
The Explorers Club flag in Sao Tome
The Explorers Club NY

Kids teach us:
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Who are our schools/associations partners. Over 700 kids can get involved.

The school at the Hospital Morvan in Brest:

The specialized school at the service of pediatrics at the Hospital Morvan in Brest ensures the continuity of the education for the hospitalized schoolchildren during their stays. The school is composed of 2 sections and welcomes students in ages ranging from 3 to 18 years old. The multi levels group-class is brought to cooperate on projects, according to the competences of each schoolchildren.”
Through this mission, the pupils will be able to discover the life of the whale shark and follow the scientifics research. Indeed, unable to travel, to move, to go out as they wish, the children will be able to travel intellectually and discover the ocean in a sensible manner.
The expectations of the first children being involved through “the Mission William” are the followings:
Anaëlle 10 years: “succeed to protect the whale shark with the creation of the sanitary corridor”.
Théo 11 years: “to gain extra energy thanks to this mission to give the strength to vanquish the illness”.
Adèle 4 and half years:”watch plenty of videos of whale sharks”.
La Escole Portuguesa de Sao Tomé:
The Portuguese school of S. Tomé e Príncipe is situated in the capital of the country, S.Tomé.
We have a total of around 600 students (from the 1st to the 12th grade) of various nationalities. It’s a multicultural school.

The school is very dynamic and organizes various activities to train autonomous, responsible people and active citizens. Several clubs and projects are promoted and they integrate formal and informal education, establishing, as far as possible, partnerships with external entities, in order to enrich the activities developed.

In the scientific field, the students participated in several projects, for example, in the preservation of turtles and the protection of endemic species.

The school has also distinguished itself for its participation in several international projects, such as etwinning, First Global Challenge and Africa Code.

We can say that we are a school that is always on the move!

The Perharidy School:

The Perharidy Secondary School is situated within the walls of a health centre located on a peninsula in Roscoff, Brittany – France. The students, aged 12 to 16 years old, come to the medical centre for periods of time ranging from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the pathology they are being treated for.

The purpose is to allow these students to follow their traditional curriculum and prepare their exams while being hospitalized. The teaching staff is made up of 8 teachers, all specialized in a different discipline, plus a teacher’s assistant. Their common goal is to make sure that each student is able to keep on studying at his/her own pace while sharing experiences as a group through artistic or scientific projects.

Each trimester, around 20 students attend the school, divided up within 3 classes. The teenagers have to reconcile classes with frequent medical appointments on a daily basis. The students are housed on site and are allowed to go home every two weeks.


Kids ask us their brilliant questions. Our scientific team is working on answering them. At least trying to…
Morvan School kids – 4-12 y/o
Do whale sharks use the sun to navigate?
Does he live in group or alone?
Can they be stranded on a beach?
Are they linked to the Megalodon? Would they fight if they met?
Have whale sharks got teeth?
Why is their mouth so huge?
Can they hit divers with their tail? Can we touch them?
Why do they have these white spots? Has it always been like so? Do they have them on their fins also?
What are these fishes on their skin called? What do they eat?
Do they look after their offspring? Do they all survive?