Région Bretagne

The President of Brittany Region (France), Mr.Loïck Chesnais-Girard is happy to announce the financial partnership with Over the Swell for Mission William. We are very honoured by this partnership and we will fly the Gwenn ha du (Breton flag) high in south east Atlantic.

François Sarano, our ambasador:

François Sarano

“William, the ambassador for the whale sharks, deserves all our attention. Lui, comme les autres espèces de requins, est sérieusement menacé par notre développement…

Making news in St Helena!

Making news in St Helena ! During our scientific mission in 2022 we discovered St Helena’s people as well as its marine wildlife and William the whale shark…

A whale-shark is named after William in Brest.

A whale-shark is named after William in Brest. Over the Swell kept its promise og June 2021: to dive with a whale shark and name it after William. He is passionate about marine animals. All this thanks to the Blue Observer scientific mission. Read the article